Thanks for playing Platinum Restoration BINGO!  Beginning Monday, February 5th we will draw two words every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning and post them to our website in the “Contest” section  All words will be posted on our website at 9:15AM. We will send out reminders on those mornings so don’t forget to check and see what the words of the day are!           

Rules to Play:                                    

1.     As words are announced, mark off the words on your Bingo card with an "X" so that the word is still visible.

2.     If you have any cards shown above (black spaces), you win!  But remember there is only ONE winner per card so you must act fast! Take a picture of your winning card and email it to either or

3.     Once a prize is won, it will be announced and will be no longer available.

4.     We will play until all cards above have been filled.

*Refer a claim and receive a Free Play, Refer a Water Mitigation claim and receive TWO Free Plays!  Your free play can be used on any square, but it must be used on the day you refer.  Mark "Free Play" on that space and email us with the name of the client you referred and the word your marking your Free Play.  In order to qualify, the name you send must match an active job in our system.  Thank you!


March 2nd

Platinum Restoration & Water Damage