Contents Restoration

With nearly all severe calamities comes harm to the contents of your home or business. Fortunately, Platinum knows that with timely response and cleaning, many of the damaged items inside your property can be salvaged. Damage mitigation is directly related to the amount of time that passes between the initial disaster and the beginning of the repair and restoration. Controlling the environment inside a damaged property can mean the difference between saving your valuable possessions and having to throw them out. 

After securing your site, our experienced contents recovery technicians will identify contents that can be saved. They can then either clean them onsite or transfer them to our facility where they are restored. All contents are inventoried, photographed, and bar-coded. Whether cleaned onsite or in our facility, Platinum technicians have access to the most advanced cleaning technology and can restore many of your precious items that may otherwise have been lost forever. Our trained professionals keep track of all your items using the latest inventory software so that they will be returned to you quickly and efficiently after they are repaired.