Vehicle Impact & Vandalism

The damage created by the crash of a vehicle into a home or business can be dramatic. Emergency boarding-up of the property is usually required as are other types repair, including to landscaping. The most important issue, however, is ensuring that the overall structure of the building is still stable so that no further damage occurs. Platinum has much experience dealing with structural issues as well as replacing siding, brick, windows, or any other items that were damaged. 

Vandalism and break-ins can create not only physical damage but can also emotionally affect the person or persons who live or work in a building. Whether your property was broken into or suffered physical or structural damage from vandalism, Platinum’s trained professionals will repair and restore your property back to its pre-loss condition while continuing to be sensitive and respectful to the people involved. If there are any hazardous chemicals or food exposed, we will clean and sanitize all affected areas, and if the damage left your property exposed to further intrusions, we will secure it while the restoration is taking place. Because live operators answer our phones 24 hours a day, no matter what time the vandalism or break-in occurs to your property we will respond immediately to begin putting things back they way they should be.