We are the Large Loss Experts of Northeast Ohio

At Platinum Restoration, we believe that all commercial businesses should have a response plan in place in case of natural disaster; we therefore offer two disaster preparation services to help you be ready.

Complimentary Emergency Pre-Planning Services

Our team of experts will come visit your facility and help you develop a disaster immediate response plan absolutely free of charge. Here’s how it works:

  1. We will come on site at your convenience and tour your facility.
  2. During the tour, we will conduct an ongoing survey of the building’s most vulnerable areas should disaster strike. 
  3. We will work with you to prioritize areas where water extraction should be performed first (IT rooms, etc.) to minimize loss.
  4. We will determine how to best stage temporary power sources during cleanup and mitigation.
  5. We will store our emergency response plan for your business in our database so that it will be readily available should it ever be needed.

Emergency Response Priority Program (ERPP)

This unique (and free) program is only offered by Platinum Restoration and is available to most commercial customers. It offers many benefits such as:

  1. Your business being listed as a “Priority Customer” in our system who then would receive preferential treatment over those that are not on the program.
  2. If a “Priority Customer” calls during an extremely busy period (as might be expected following a natural disaster), they will be placed at the top of the list or queue regardless of the order the call comes in, for the next available service unit and crew.

Interested in learning more about these programs? Call us at 440-327-0699 to talk with one of our business development representatives.