We restore more than homes and businesses; we restore peace of mind

Platinum Restoration utilizes advanced technology and equipment making mold damage restoration safe, cost-effective, and efficient. Wherever mold occurs, it is important to remember that there may be more to the problem than meets the eye. Using our sophisticated mold inspection equipment, our mold cleanup services can safely remediate any type of mold, regardless of size or location, and we’re licensed and insured:

  1. We locate and address the moisture source causing the mold.
  2. Prevent moisture due to condensation by reducing the humidity in the air. 
  3. Conduct air filtration of the affected home or building using specialized HEPA equipment.
  4. Contain, clean and remove the mold affected area.
  5. Restoration and reconstruction, returning your home or building to pre-loss condition.
  6. Conduct sample testing by an independent industrial hygienist to confirm that even microscopic mold has been restored to the industry standard of care.

Found mold in your home or business?

If you have found mold at your place of business or home and are in the need of mold removal and restoration services, make Platinum Restoration your first call. We have been providing expert mold remediation services in Cleveland for over 20 years, and was named one of the Top 9 Mold Remediation Companies in Cleveland, OH, by Expertise.com.