Insurance coverage depends entirely on your insurance policy – therefore it is important to call your agent as soon as possible if you are experiencing water damage. Most of the time it is “yes”, but your insurance company can provide you with a definitive answer.

Depending on a variety of conditions, most properties take an average of 3-5 days to completely dry. Continuous operation of professional drying equipment along with monitoring and adjustments made by a Platinum Restoration team member will ensure the quickest drying outcome for your space.

Our certified mitigation technicians will take moisture readings to determine moisture levels in the affected areas. Throughout the drying process, a representative from Platinum Restoration will schedule periodic checks so they can monitor moisture readings and adjust equipment to accelerate drying.

Noise and wind velocity created by air movers are sometimes bothersome. However, it is safe to stay on site unless instructed otherwise by your insurance company, your Platinum Restoration representative, or your physician if you have unique medical circumstances. When in doubt, call us for advice.

Even if the source of water that caused your flood is fresh, what you smell is bacterial off-gassing odor from building materials, furniture, dormant spills or possible pet accident areas. Most odors dissipate as the humidity drops back to normal levels. Additionally, we apply antimicrobial treatments to reduce bacterial growth and eliminate odors.

The type of flooring, amount of moisture exposure, and severity of loss will determine whether your flooring can be salvaged or will require replacement. We aim to restore whenever possible. Your Platinum Restoration estimator and claims adjuster can help determine the most cost-effective solution.

With Platinum Restoration's Rapid Response, water removal and thorough drying process, there is very little chance bacterial organisms could turn into mold growth. On occasion, Platinum Restoration personnel discover untreated water damaged areas where advanced mold growth activity is already in process. In these cases, we isolate the areas until a licensed environmental hygienist can evaluate and determine a plan going forward.

Our mitigation technicians will take a small sample of carpet pad from an unaffected area to match it to the newer section.

Due to federal regulations, we cannot remove drywall materials from any building-regardless of age, without first testing for asbestos content. If the materials test positive it will be removed under containment during the reconstruction phase, ensuring no one is exposed to unhealthy toxins.

Air movers: We use fans to create a frictional force against the wet materials. This accelerates evaporation and pushes the moisture into the air. Additionally, it keeps the air well mixed for dehumidification.

Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers are used to pull moisture out of the air and condense them back into liquid form. You will notice a drain tube pulling water out of the dehumidifier and into your sink or toilet. This is the quickest process known to drying science in removing unwanted moisture.

Our solution is a natural green product made from plant oils and mineral extracts. It is a disinfectant and a deodorizer in one. The disinfectant helps prevent the spread of microbial growth and the deodorizer stabilizes odors released in humid conditions. Our product is registered with the EPA as a food grade disinfectant and will cause no harm to occupants or pets. If any occupants of your home have chemical sensitivities, please advise our technicians.

The most important thing you can do to speed up the drying process and ensure your structure dries completely is to leave the equipment running at all times and notify us immediately if it shuts off for any reason. Also, having available access to your property greatly reduces the time needed to finish the job.

The property owner is responsible for payment. The day following your loss, you can expect a call from our manager of new accounts, making sure we have all the information to submit your claim and set up your account quickly and accurately. Your Platinum Restoration estimator will take care of working with your insurance company, ensuring the claims handling process runs as smoothly as possible.