After devastation strikes

The aftermath of a house fire can leave you feeling anxious and confused, but once you are safe and the fire is extinguished, the actions you take immediately afterwards can make all the difference. Here are some important steps to take after a house fire:

  1. Call Platinum immediately for a house fire cleanup.
  2. Open windows and doors to increase air flow and minimize smoke damage.
  3. Inventory the contents of your home and make a list of all items that need replacing.
  4. Take pictures of the damage for fire investigation authorities and your insurance provider.
  5. Plan for your family to stay with a neighbor, friends, or family to avoid exposure to carcinogenic gases during the fire damage restoration process.

Once we ensure you, your family and furry friends are OK, we will start our top-of-the-line fire restoration process:

  1. Assess the damage and create a restoration plan.
  2. Board-up broken doors and windows and tarp the roof (if required).
  3. Extract water leftover from firefighting efforts.
  4. Remove smoke and ash from all surfaces.
  5. Deodorize and decontaminate all surface.
  6. Repair and/or rebuild parts of the home damaged in the fire.

It is our job to ensure the above plan runs smoothly and effortlessly, and it is your job to keep yourself and loved ones safe and calm.

Platinum Restoration will be there to put your home back to pre-loss condition. We are one of the best fire restoration companies in Cleveland, OH and provides 24/7 emergency services for disaster cleanup and fire damage restoration. Call 440-327-0699 to schedule emergency restoration services.